Sir Alex Ferguson’s Dig At Liverpool Over The Infamous White Suits From 1996 FA Cup Final

In a career that spanned over two decades, Sir Alex Ferguson has been an important figure in English football, from his time with Manchester United and his rivalry with Liverpool. Recently, he took a cheeky dig at the Reds over the infamous white suits they chose to wear before the 1996 FA Cup final which they lost 1-0 to Manchester United. His comments have stoked up the eternal rivalry between the two clubs once again.

The 1996 FA Cup Final was held at Wembley stadium and it was a huge occasion for both teams as it was their first time contesting for the trophy since 1988. It was a tense affair with both teams pushing each other to their limits and eventually going into extra time. Just when it seemed like there would be no winner, Eric Cantona scored an unforgettable goal in the dying minutes of extra time to break Liverpool hearts.

Liverpool’s players had chosen white suits for the occasion but they ended up looking foolish after their defeat as many felt that the outfits were ill-advised and unnecessary given the gravity of such an important match. When asked about this on a recent interview, Sir Alex made sure to let his opinion be known: “It was a silly thing for them to do…they should have focused more on winning than looking good”.

Since then, Liverpool have not only become better on pitch but also better off it when it comes to fashion sense – recently releasing Liverpool home jersey for 2023/24 season which is said to bring back memories of their treble winning campaign of 2001.

However despite this success in terms of design, one cannot forget how dressing in white did nothing for Liverpool prior to that historic cup final all those years ago – something that Sir Alex took delight in reminding everyone of during his interview. His comments have added fuel to what is already one of English football’s most intense rivalries – one that will continue regardless of whatever happens on or off field.